Bullying Awareness Event Flyer

Parent Connect presentation- Bullying awareness for families by Ty Howard

 For over 21 years, Ty Howard has inspired, educated, motivated, and equipped families, parents, youth, teens, students, and educators – nationally and internationally – on bullying and suicide awareness and prevention. He has presented over 80 dynamic motivational keynote presentations, school assemblies, and life-skills development workshops to teenagers, young adults, students, educators, administrators, school superintendents, governing school board members, school district leaders, early child care professionals, youth organizations, attentive fathers, and parents.  Over one million students, youth, teens, and youth development professionals have benefited from the programs provided by Ty Howard.

 Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear Ty Howard speak to our OBSD families about bullying awareness on Wednesday, April 20 at 5:30 pm via Zoom.