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Ilwaco High School Choir Results at Southwest Washington Vocal Solo Ensemble Competition February 11, 2023

Ilwaco High School Choir performed amazing at the  Southwest Washington Vocal Solo Ensemble Competition this Saturday. Lots of awards! Aimee Meinhardt earned 3rd for Small School Sopranos. Aliyanna Hudson earned 2nd for Small School Mezzo Sopranos.
Kaitlyn Fisher-Pinto earned 1st for Small School Altos
Blake Bell earned 1st for Small School Tenors
Adam Caswell Dean 2nd for Small School Baritones
"Band Nerds" Logan Siewert, Hayden Gentry and Ethan Shaw 1st for Men's Group.
Jessica Garcia and Paul Kuhn 1st for Small School Mixed Voice.

Huge congrats to Jessica and Paul for earning their place as a State Alternative for mixed voice.