NO AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM TODAY at the Dylan Jude Center. This is due to a staffing shortage caused by Covid.
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READY! for Kindergarten Parent Classes for the 2022-2023 School Year will be presented via Zoom and in-person for parents. Join us to learn more about your child’s development. The Instructors will provide you with information about how your child learns, as well as materials and activities you can use at home to make learning easy and fun. The classes and toys are free to Ocean Beach School District residents. Parents, Grandparents, Guardians, Early Learning Center staff, and Daycare Staff are welcome to attend the classes. Child care and snacks are provided for the children ages 2-12. The Spring 2023 session of classes for this school year are listed below. The classes are presented via Zoom and in-person. Classes start at 6:00 pm either Zoom or in person, unless otherwise listed. Age birth to 1; April 13th, Thursday, Parents can bring babies in this age group to class. Class will be held in the Early Learning Center at 6:00 pm. Please connect with Ramona for child care for older siblings. Ages 1-2; April 11th, Tuesday, in the Early Learning Center @ 6:00 pm Ages 2-3; April 12th, Wednesday, in the Early Learning Center @ 4:30 pm Ages 3-4; April 12th, Wednesday, in the Early Learning Center @ 6:00 pm Ages 4-5; April 11th, Tuesday, in the Long Beach School Kindergarten room @ 6:00 pm The class for your family is determined by the age of the child on September 1, 2022. If you have any questions regarding the class for your family, please call me at the number listed below. If you missed the Winter classes you can still join the classes. Contact Ramona Ulbricht @, or call 360-642-8586. You will receive your FREE materials at the class or after taking the class, during the class for in person attendees. New families will also receive a notebook and an orientation from the coordinator. Child care is provided, please sign up with the coordinator.
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Ready for Kindergarten Flyer
How to use Messages - Family Guide - Seesaw
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How to Use Messages Family Guide Seesaw
How to Use Messages Family Guide Seesaw Spanish
Long Beach Elementary is celebrating their future graduates with a snapshot of their students calling out our OBSD Key Characteristics! Seems like both our students and staff are starting out the school year excited and motivated. We can't wait to see how our students grow and learn this year!
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Capturing a future graduate!
Which preschool suits your needs?
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LBE Inclusive Transitional kindergarten brochures
head start, early learning, sunset daycare brochure
As tragic situations such as the one yesterday at a school in Texas occur, it can be difficult to know how to approach this with children and how to address their questions as they arise. Below are some resources to help adults talk to children about disturbing world events. We hope you find these resources helpful as we navigate difficult situations together as a community.;;;;
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Talking to Children About Violence flyer
Welcome back everyone! Catch up with the latest student stories, events, and news updates. It's everything Ocean Beach, in your pocket. If you haven't already, download the app! Download for Android Download for iPhone
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Thank you school board; Ocean Beach School District appreciates all you do for our students, staff and district! You go above and beyond doing what is best for kids! Tiffany Turner, John Holtermann, Anna Taft, Don Zuern and Nansen Malin; you are wonderful!
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Ocean Beach Families: We have been made aware of a TikTok trend pertaining to nationwide school shootings and bomb threats supposedly being planned to take place on Friday, December 17th. There have been no threats against the Ocean Beach School District. Local law enforcement agencies are aware of this nationwide trend and will support us. If you become aware of a specific threat to our district, please report it immediately. If you see something, say something. We will continue to monitor the situation along with law enforcement. Threats to our school or individuals will not be tolerated.
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Rumor Control There are apparently rumors floating around Facebook regarding COVID testing and vaccination. To be clear the school district will do NO testing and/or vaccinating without parent permission. We are offering COVID testing in order to shorten quarantine periods; however, it is always the parent's choice and parent permission is required each time. The only exception to this is the required rapid testing for athletics. This testing is approved by the parent at the start of the sports season. As for vaccination, we will send out information for parents who are interested to know when and where they can get their children vaccinated, but we are not in the vaccination business, and we will not be vaccinating students. If we offer a vaccination clinic on a school campus, that, again, would be for parents who are interested and would not be a function of the school district. We would simply be allowing an outside provider such as the health department to vaccinate students that parents bring to the clinic. As for requiring vaccination for students, we are not in support of this at this time because this vaccination has not gone through the full medical process, and are, in fact, lobbying the governor to not take this step at this time. Chris Reykdal and the state superintendents are in favor of waiting until the medical community does its full review. This vaccination is new, and any process to require it should take time for the medical research to be fully vetted. We are not in support of a vaccination mandate for students until full medical revue occurs. I hope this helps alleviate some concerns.
over 2 years ago, Ocean Beach School District
The Ocean Beach School District has openings, and we'd love for some of our wonderful community members to consider applying to work for us! Open positions are as follows: * Floating Teacher for Long Beach - BA needed, teaching certificate preferred * English Teacher for Ilwaco High School - BA needed, teaching certificate preferred * Paraprofessionals - Long Beach Elementary, Hilltop School, and Ilwaco High School both special education and general education positions are available. * District Office Receptionist and District Data Coordinator * Substitute Bus Drivers and Custodians
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