Frequently asked questions:

What will the capital levy pay for?

Capital levy dollars will fund critical safety and security upgrades at Ocean Park Elementary, Long Beach Elementary, Hilltop Middle School and Ilwaco High School. Important security upgrades include establishing a secure point of entry to buildings; adding alarms to exterior doors; installing cameras in critical areas like hallways, gyms, cafeterias and key points of building entry, and adding fencing to key school areas to prohibit unauthorized access. These additions will bring Ocean Beach schools up to current safety standards. In addition, the levy will fund a Resource Officer, partnering with the Long Beach Police Department. Funds will also be used to move, place, and resurface a portable classroom at Ocean Park Elementary; and to add safer parking there.


Why do we need a levy to support safety and security upgrades?

The need for critical safety and security upgrades were identified by a school safety expert as part of a study completed under the Safe Schools Initiative (SSI), a national study conducted to improve safety for students at school districts across the nation. The important safety and security upgrades will address long-standing needs and will bring schools up to current safety and security standards.


Is this a new levy?

No. The proposed capital levy is a replacement to an existing levy which will expire in 2019.


How much will the approved capital levy cost taxpayers?

The approved capital levy will replace an expiring levy and will cost taxpayers an average of only 25 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value per year over five years. The total cost of the capital levy is $2.5 million over five years.


Doesn’t the state of Washington pay for basic education costs?

Capital levy funds will bridge the gap between what the state of Washington funds and the important safety and growth needs of Ocean Beach students. Since the state does not fund necessary facility improvements, districts utilize capital levies to address these critical projects.


Here is a bar graph showing the current taxes and the proposed tax rate should the Capital Levy pass:

Capital Levy Proposed Tax Rates

For 2020, property taxes will go up by $.05/every thousand dollars. In 2021 and 2022, the rate will be $.30/every thousand dollars. In 2023 and 2024, the rate will be $.29/every thousand dollars.


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