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    HILLTOP MIDDLE SCHOOL will begin the 2020-2021 school year with Remote Learning. 
    The first day of instruction is September 8, 2020. 
    PLEASE Stay tuned for more information; coming soon to the website!


  • Principal:  Kara Powell                                                                             Dean of Students: Cheri Lloyd                                                                Office Staff:  Sara Ryan & Office Assistant                                                                                                  Counselor:                                    Valerie Clementi                                 pic of three books clip art Contact Information
                           PO Box F                                   314 Brumbach Street
                  Ilwaco, WA  98624                             Ph: (360)642-1234                    Fax: (360)642-1350                                                                                      Follow us! Click here.    Keep checking our webpage and facebook page for upcoming events.

  •                                       Hilltop Middle School Talent Show: Audition Video now being accepted. Turn in by May 8th. Looking for: dancers, musicians, singers, comedians, actors, gymnastics, ventriloquism, magicians. Please limit video to 5 minutes max. Either share in Google Drive or email cheri.lloyd@oceanbeachschools.org. Talent show will be aired on facebook and youtube

    March 30, 2020

    Dear Parent/Guardian and Students,

    The COVID 19 virus has certainly impacted our lives and school operations across the country. Since the announcement of school closures, educators across the nation have been researching and supporting one another in our journey to learn about and deliver online instruction.  This has been a huge learning curve for many of us but is also proving to be an exciting adventure.  

    As we dive into unchartered territory of how to effectively deliver online instruction and emotional support, please be cognizant that learning through a virtual world will look and feel much different.  Staff are doing their best to plan a scheduled routine for instructional delivery and student feedback.  Please see the schedule below for details of when Hilltop staff will deliver online instruction from home:

    Depending on the content and teacher, instruction will be delivered using a variety of online learning tools.  (ie:  Google Classroom, Zoom, Newsela, Writable, MobyMax, Espark, Khan Academy, Code Monkey, ReadWorks, Listenwise, TedEd, etc).   

    This week, teachers are tasked with connecting with all their students so online learning may begin next Monday, April 6th.  As noted above, instruction will be delivered on the days indicated.  Teachers will be communicating with students when their “office hours” will be in order to give students individualized feedback and support.  Please check with your student(s) on a regular basis to ensure they’re completing assignments.  This week, please have your student(s) log into Google Classroom for specific instructions from their individual teachers. (Note:  Students use Google Classroom at school and can login from home).  

    More important information:

    1. Computer Access:  Families without a technology based learning device (ie: computer, ipad, chromebook, etc.) will have an opportunity to pick-up a school computer this Wednesday, April 1st, from 9:00-11:00AM and 2:30-3:30PM.  Chromebooks will be located in Hilltop’s foyer for pick-up.
    2. Band/Instrument Pick-Up:  Families may pick-up their student(s) band instrument this Wednesday, April 1st, from 9:00-11:00AM and 2:30-3:30PM.  Please report to Mr. Bergman’s outside classroom door located on Brumbach Ave. Mr. Bergman will be there to get you instruments.

    NOTE:  We request that all chromebook and instrument pick-ups be made by appointment. Please call 360-642-1234 and indicate what you need to pick-up so we have time to collect and assign instruments and chromebooks.

    1. Packet Work:  If you are unable access/utilize a school chromebook and internet, please email Sara, Hilltop’s school secretary, and request a paper packet.  Paper packets will be delivered via the food delivery route and teachers will correspond with students via phone for assistance. ryan@oceanbeachschools.org
    2. Facebook Updates:  Lloyd continues to provide daily updates via Hilltop’s Facebook page.  Please tune in daily to hear updates.
    3. Internet Access: For those who need internet access, below is a list of wifi access points:

    ***School Parking Lots

    Your school Chromebooks will already be able to connect to the schools’ Wi-Fi automatically, you will not need to do anything different than what you do while at school. 

    To connect personal devices (NOT YOUR SCHOOL CHROMEBOOKS!), use the network, obsd-guest and the password, Free4a1!

     ***Charter, 60 days free for students:

    Charter will offer free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students who do not already have a Spectrum broadband subscription and at any service level up to 100 Mbps. To enroll, call 1-844-488-8395. Installation fees will be waived for new student households. 

    ***All Timberland Libraries - Ilwaco, Ocean Park, Naselle

     Wi-Fi Internet Access at the library can be accessed from your car in the parking lot.

    • Timberland Regional Library (TRL) provides free wireless access (Wi-Fi) to the Internet in all TRL libraries. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about using Wi-Fi in the library.

    Which Timberland libraries offer Wi-Fi?

    • Wi-Fi access is available in all TRL libraries (Ilwaco, Ocean Park, Naselle)

    What hours is the Wi-Fi service available?

    • Daily from 6:00am - midnight

    What do I need to use Wi-Fi at the library?

    • TRL uses the Wi-Fi standard known as IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
    • You need to bring your Wi-Fi capable laptop, tablet or other mobile device to the library
    • Devices should automatically get settings from our servers (DHCP), and custom network settings (especially DNS) will not work properly, and will not be supported
    • Most Wi-Fi equipment should work but TRL cannot guarantee that your equipment will be compatible with the library’s Wi-Fi network

    Do I need a login and password to connect?

    • No login or password is required to connect to the TRL Wi-Fi network. Just look for "trlguest" in the list of available networks on your device.

    Restaurants/Locations with Free Wi-Fi

    McDonald’s:  (360) 642-8212  *  100 16th St Se, Long Beach, WA 

    School Parking Lots     Hilltop, OPE, LBE, High School    *    Guest password: Free4a1!

    ADRIFT Parking Lot   (360) 642-2311  *  409 Sid Snyder Dr., Long Beach, WA  *  pw: Adriftlife

    Kiss of the Mist Coffee   (360) 665-3606  *  25311 Vernon Ave, Ocean Park, WA 

    Ilwaco Timberland Library  151 First Ave N, Ilwaco, WA 

    Ocean Park Timberland Library   1308 256th Ln, Ocean Park, WA  

    I’m not sure any of us knew what to expect when school closures came upon us so suddenly.  We appreciate your patience as we scramble to educate ourselves on how to best deliver instruction and resources during this challenging time.  

    I feel I can speak for staff in saying we truly miss seeing our students everyday.  This is a very challenging time and we hope you all are staying safe and healthy.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to staff with questions.  We will continue updating students and families as changes to the information listed above arise.  Hang in there and we hope to see you all VERY soon!                                                                                                      Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                              Kara Powell                                                                                                                                                                                                              Principal                                                                                                                                               kara.powell@oceanbeachschools.org                                                                                                                                             360-642-1234 

    Hilltop Distance-Learning Schedule. Monday: work catch up day. Tuesday: ELA, band choir, art, drama, tech. Wednesday: science, PE/Health, Thursday: math, social studies, SPED and ALT school. Friday: work catch up day. Weekly work will be posted on google classroom or paper packets can be dropped off via bus routes if needed. Please call 360-342-1234 for any questions.  

      2019-2020 Academic Calendar 

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    Students are not allowed to practice without a current physical!
    ***See the Athletics tab to the left for more information!
    boy and girl eating lunch at school            Meal Program: The Ocean Beach School District offers breakfast and lunch service, which is available to all students. This is a federally funded program and some students may qualify for free or reduced priced meals. Parents and guardians may apply for this program anytime during the school year. Applications and information are available in the office or you may click on the link below to download and print. Please submit completed application to any school office.





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