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     School Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM
     We are thrilled that you have chosen to enroll your child(ren) in the Ocean Beach School District. We believe in continuous student growth, and that when our youth graduate from Ilwaco High School, they are well-rounded individuals who are prepared for life after graduation.
    • School Days: Monday - Friday
    • School Hours: 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM
    • Meals: breakfast and lunch are provided
    • Transportation: if you have forgotten your student’s bus pick-up and drop-off times, please contact transportation at 360-642-2104
    • Attestations: daily attestations must be completed, and passed, each day prior to your student coming to school
    • Masks: masks are required daily
    • Chromebooks: your student will be provided a chromebook and charger.  These will remain at school unless your child is out for an extended absence.
    • Clothes: please pack extra clothes to be kept in your child’s locker
    • Coat and Rainboots: if your student has a coat and rainboots, please bring them daily, or kept at school in your child’s locker
    Principal: Annie Fletcher
    Office Staff: Laurie Williams
    and CeCe Boucher
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    Contact Info:
    PO Box 758
    Long Beach, WA 98631
    Phone: 360-642-3242
    Fax:     360-642-1226
  • Reopening Plan 2020-21

    Plan de Reapertura 2020-21 

    Kindergarten Registration 

    Ocean Beach School District will accept new Kindergarten Registrations for the 2021-22 school year starting on March 22nd.  Kindergarten students must be born on or before August 31, 2016 to enroll.  You can register with a paper packet. Please call the Long Beach Elementary School office at 642-3242 to arrange to receive a packet through the mail or pick up in person.   


    • Copy of birth certificate.  

     * To request a Washington State Birth Certificate https://www.doh.wa.gov/LicensesPermitsandCertificates/VitalRecords/orderingabirthrecord   For all other states, we suggest searching for the state’s name plus birth certificate in your favorite search engine to find the process to request one.

    •  Immunization Records

    All immunization records turned in to schools are required by state law to be medically verified. A medically verified Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) form is a:

    * CIS form printed by a health care provider from the Washington State Immunization Information System. This is medically verified by the Immunization Information System.

    * CIS printed from MyIR is a free Department of Health online tool that allows families to view and print their official immunization records themselves. This is medically verified by the Immunization Information System. Go to https://wa.myir.net/register to begin the sign-up process.

    * Ask your clinic or provider to fax or mail the vaccine report to you or to fax to Long Beach Elementary at 360-642-1226. You can also pick this up from your provider’s office. The completed CIS must be signed by your provider and dated prior to submitting to the school.

    •  Vaccines Given Outside of Washington State

    * Ask your clinic or provider fax or mail the vaccine report to you or to the nurse at your child’s school.

    * Transfer your child’s immunizations on to a Washington State Certificate of Immunization (CIS). It must be signed and dated and submitted to the school nurse and we request you attach the original vaccine record.

    • Exempt Status

    * To request your child to be exempt from any immunization requirement, you must have a completed Certificate of Exemption (COE) form on file, which may be obtained from your child’s school or health care provider.

    * Students with exempt status will be excluded from school in the event of an outbreak and will remain excluded per Department of Health recommendations. One case constitutes an outbreak.


    Registro de Jardín de Infantes

     El distrito escolar de Ocean Beach comenzará a aceptar registración nueva para estudiantes de  Kindergarten para el año escolar de 2021-22 comenzando el 22 de marzo.  Para registrarse, su hijo(a) necesita tener una fecha de nacimiento en o antes del 31 de agosto, 2016.  Por favor llame la escuela de Long Beach a 642-3242 para obtener el paquete de registro por correo o en persona.    

     Qué necesita traer:

    • Copia del certificado de nacimiento.  

    * Para solicitar un certificado de nacimiento de Washington https://www.doh.wa.gov/LicensesPermitsandCertificates/VitalRecords/orderingabirthrecord   Para otros estados, sugerimos buscar el nombre del estado y certificados de nacimiento por internet. 

    •  Registros de Inmunización 

    Todos los registros de inmunizaciones que son entregados a la escuela, por ley, necesitan ser verificados por un proveedor médico. Un Certificado del Estado de Inmunización verificado es: 

    * Un impreso del registro de CIS (Certificado del estado de vacunacion) obtenido de su proveedor medico usando el sistema de information de vacunacion del estado de Washington.  Esta información es verificada por el sistema de información de inmunización.  

    * Informacion de CIS imprimido de MyIR. Esto es ofrecido por el Departamento de Salud gratis.  Necesita registrarse en línea para revisar o imprimir los registros de vacunación de su familia. Esta información es verificada por el sistema de información de inmunización.  Visite https://wa.myir.net/register  para comenzar el proceso de inscripción. Si el registro no tiene la firma del proveedor médico, usted necesitará obtenerla.  Pida que el reporte de vacunación sea mandado por fax 360-642-1226 o por correo a la escuela de Long Beach, o usted puede recogerlo y traerlo a nuestra oficina.  El documento necesita ser firmado y fechado antes de entregarlo a la escuela. 

    • Vacunas Administradas Fuera del Estado de Washington

    * Pida a su clínica o proveedor médico que mande el reporte de vacunación por fax o correo a usted o la enfermera de la escuela. 

    * Llene a mano el Certificado de inmunización del estado de Washington (CIS).  Necesita ser firmado, fechado y entregado a la enfermera de la escuela.  Pedimos que adjunte el registro de vacuna original.

    • Estado Exento

    * Para pedir exención de vacunas para su hijo(a), necesita tener un Certificado de Exención (COE) registrado con la escuela o el doctor de su niño(a). 

     * Estudiantes con estado exento serán excluidos de clases si tenemos un brote y continuarán siendo excluidos por la recomendaciones del Departamento de Salud. Un caso constituye un brote.


    Our Motto:
    Long Beach Elementary School is a safe, respectful and inviting place, where we set high standards and celebrate our achievements. Where learning is challenging and engaging, and where we prepare students to live successful lives as stewards of their world.
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