Ocean Beach Alternative School

    At the Ocean Beach Alternative School (OBAS), we believe that all students can learn, but that some students may need flexibility of time, place, and/or pace in order to meet their full potential. As equal partners, each student, his or her parents, and teachers, work together to discover each student's learning styles, passions, goals, and areas of strength. Furthermore, we work together to develop a plan to address areas of individual concern. Each student has a personalized educational program that promotes optimum academic success. Students attain credits and meet standards through personalized pathways that seek to capitalize on student's future goals and interests.

    Program Details

    Our alternative program is based on contract-based education. What this means is that students contract for a plan of attendance (can be physical or online) AND performance. Progress towards these is evaluated monthly. A student who is physically on campus, but does not perform is, in essence, absent. Likewise, a student who is physically online in their courses, but not making progress is absent. Student performance is evaluated monthly. See the section below on Accountability.

    Alternative school programs come in many different forms. At the Ocean Beach Alternative School we strive to provide several options for our students; however, all programs fit the definition of contract-based education. Contract-based education is based on two things: 1) Meeting required hours of participation AND 2) meeting monthly academic goals. The most important of these is the meeting of academic goals.

    Students have the choice of two different models or a blend of the two. If the model selected by the student and the parent proves unsuccessful, student contracts and expectations will be changed. Our programs are developed around the following two different models.

    Site-based Education 

    Students in the site-based program have more traditional attendance expectations and participate in our integrated, project-based curriculum options. Students track their own progress in meeting grade level standards in multiple subjects and in meeting college and career readiness expectations. Most student work is physical, hands-on, and can meet multiple learning goals through each project.

    Successful attendance & progress is based on a student meeting the following requirements each month:

    • Attending school on the required schedule.
    • Meeting monthly performance goals.

    Remote Education

    Students in the remote program have to meet online and in-person attendance expectations. Much of their work is on the computer. They are required to meet with staff onsite at least once per week. Days and hours are based on the individual contract expectations. Performance goals are set monthly.

    Successful attendance & progress is based on a student meeting the following requirements each month:

    • Attending school for the required amount of time both on campus and online. On campus time is set by the contract. Online time is time spent actually doing activities in the online learning system.
    • Meeting monthly performance goals.

    Blended Program

    Some students need a blend of the two programs. Some students need to participate in the on-site project-based learning, but may have additional credit needs that can best be met through a remote, off-site course or two. Blended requirements are established in the student’s individual contract.

    Other Program Information

    • Student admission is largely based on first-come-first-served; however, the suitability of the program for individual applicants will be considered and priority will be given to students who are not currently enrolled in school. A review of the academic record and academic skills testing may be done in order to properly determine suitability of the program for individual students.
    • Each student will have a Personalized Educational Plan (PEP) that addressed the unique interests, credit needs, and goals of the student.
    • Students in grades 6-12 may participate; however, students must be younger than age 21 on August 31st in order to participate. Students age 21 and older should consider the adult education program at the local community college.
    • Students seeking a diploma or a GED may attend. Students seeking a GED will work on credits towards a high school diploma, and at the time that they are ready for the GED exam will transfer to the community college to complete their GED.
    • Students in the program can take some classes at the local high school or through Running Start as indicated in their PEP. Our goal is to provide a flexible program, individualized for each student’s needs.
    • Students participating in the alternative program have the same rights, privileges, and responsibilities as other students in the district.
    • Students in the program are also eligible to participate in athletics and clubs provided by Ilwaco High School. To participate students must meet Ilwaco High School participation standards including attendance and grade requirements.
    • Students at the alternative school will be considered “guests” at most high school dances and must fill out paperwork accordingly. The prom, however, is an exception to this policy for Juniors and Seniors at the alternative school.
    • Students at the alternative school are part of the OBAS Associated Student Body. Our ASB elections are held each fall for the current year. All students are eligible to participate regardless of grade level, default entity, or amount of contracted time.

    Please return completed applications (See link below) to OBAS, PO Box 778, Long Beach, WA 98631 or deliver to us at 314 Brumbach Street, Ilwaco, WA 98624 . 

    Please see the Parent Resources & Forms tab for further information.

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