• Dress Code and Appearance

    The saying “dressed for success” is based upon real research. Experts say that how you feel about yourself is, at least in part, a function of how you look. So, if you dress “good” you will feel good about yourself. That does not mean the most expensive clothes, a tuxedo, or a formal gown every day … it does mean clean, comfortable clothes that do not offend others. Please use some common sense here … if it is (potentially) disruptive to the school or classroom environment, you will be asked to change into something more appropriate. We have a nice selection of burlap sacks in the office if you don’t have any other appropriate attire.

    Dress and appearance must not present health or safety problems or disrupt the educational environment in any way. In everything that we do we want to represent ourselves, our community and Ilwaco Middle- High School with class and pride, therefore, students are expected to come to school and to school activities well groomed, and neatly and appropriately dressed for success. Students who do not meet this standard will be asked to correct the problem and/or will receive school disciplinary consequences.

    It is understood that individual teachers, in consultation with the school administration, may restrict appearance and attire with special consideration for safety and health issues inherent in a particular classroom environment. Failure to comply could lead to suspension from school. We want you to flaunt what you have intellectually, not through your fashion sense. Please dress for success!

    Students are expected to abide by the following general guidelines regarding their attire:
    • No see through tops
    • Shirts and blouses must be properly buttoned
    • No shirt may be worn that exposes the midriff
    • No excessively short shorts, skirts, or dresses. High slits are also disallowed. (Extended fingertip length is the shortest allowed).
      • No skirts or “skorts” shorter than five inches above the kneecap may be worn
      • Shorts must be of at least fingertip length with the student standing with hands at his or her side
      • Clothes must be free of tears or holes beyond approximately five inches above the knee
    • Tank tops; tube tops; and, tops with spaghetti straps may not be worn as the primary outer garment
    • Form-fitting, stretch material may not be worn as the primary outer garment
    • Undergarments must be fully covered at all times
    • “Sagging” is not allowed at school. Pants should be worn so that the waistline of the pants fits the waistline of the student.
    • Shoes must be worn at all times while at school
    • Pajamas may not be worn at school
    • Boxers may not be worn as shorts
    • Roller skates, in-line skates, shoes with wheels, skate boards and the like are not allowed to be used in the building or on school grounds
    • Conspicuous or distracting accessories are not acceptable. Examples of accessories which are not acceptable include, but may not be limited to the following:
      • Headbands, armbands, leg-bands
      • Bandanas as a head dressing
      • Gang symbols (as defined by law enforcement)
      • Heavy chains worn as jewelry or hanging from any garments
      • Safety pins and spikes may not be worn as an accessory
    • With respect for self, others and school as our primary theme, no insignias, monograms, patches or articles of clothing may be worn that, among other things …
      • Refer to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or other illegal substances (direct or implied), this would include shirts that use alcohol and tobacco logos to advertise other products
      • Shows disrespect toward the American flag
      • Promotes violence
      • Depict blood, death or other vulgarities
      • Include profanity (direct or implied)
      • Are sexually suggestive (direct or implied)
      • Contains obscene language or pictures
      • Have racist, homophobic, or sexist implications (direct or implied). This includes, but is not limited to, Hooters restaurant shirts and Playboy bunny shirts
      • Have derogatory language about school
Last Modified on May 14, 2010