• Attendance Policy

    We believe that high expectations for student learning and attendance will result in students who are prepared to face life’s challenges, complete high school on time, and pass Washington State’s academic standards.

    Students at IHS will receive homework. Each academic department by its very nature has a different set of criteria in its expectations of students. The important thing to note is that your child will have some form of homework on a regular basis.
    • MATH: Parents should expect their math students to have homework at least three nights per week.
    • ENGLISH: Outside reading is required in all language arts subjects and the amount of homework varies by thematic study.
    • SOCIAL STUDIES: Students can expect homework an average of three nights per week.
    • PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Courses do not have much homework per se, but as PE is a performance based class, excessive absences (as defined by the teacher’s syllabus) must be made up to receive full credit for assigned activities.
    • VOCATIONAL: Most work will be completed in class. As with any other performance based class, absences will affect overall quality of the student’s grade.
    • SCIENCE: Homework given will vary by the individual unit of study.

    We believe it is important for students to have good attendance patterns and work to their full potential to reach high school objectives and graduate with their class by meeting Washington State assessment standards.
    Teachers and staff at IHS believe that good attendance is a must in determining a student’s success and ultimately, graduation. Many employers and colleges often request to view a student’s attendance record before hire or admittance. In many high school courses, grade reductions will occur after a certain number of tardies and/or absences are reached. Parents are encouraged to refer to the child’s individual course syllabus for specific details. Students must provide an excused absence note in order to complete work missed due to absences.
    Student Planners
    Each student at IHS has been provided with a student planner. Students are encouraged to write down any assignments and monitor their due dates. Teachers will conduct periodic spot checks for points to see if students are maintaining an accurate calendar.
    Parent Responsibilities
    The following will help ensure your child’s success:
    • Set a regular study time each day and establish a well lighted area free from distractions
    • Make sure your child has the materials he/she needs to do assignments (paper, dictionary, etc.)
    • Check your child’s planner for homework assignments to ensure that your child is using his/her planner
    • Be supportive and give assistance when your child gets frustrated or discouraged with assignments
    • Contact the teacher to clear up any misunderstandings about your child’s academic progress
    • Contact the office secretaries to request homework/class assignments when your child is absent for more than two consecutive days
    • Contact the teacher if your child seems to be spending too much time on homework or if no homework has been assigned for several days

    Teacher Responsibilities
    Teachers will do the following:
    • Request that students enter their homework assignments with due dates in their planners
    • Provide specific written explanations of long-range assignments so that the requirements are clearly understood by the students and their parents
    • Monitor homework through specific feedback, grading, and timely return
    Student Responsibilities
    Students at IHS are expected to be actively involved in their education. Active participants increase their chances for success by developing the following habits:
    • Write down all assignments
    • Ask questions to clear up any misunderstandings about the homework
    • Bring required materials home
    • Set aside a regular time and place for studying
    • Set timelines and goals for completion of long-range assignments
    • Give best effort while working in class and completing homework
    • Turn in assignments by the specified due dates
Last Modified on October 12, 2009