• The Giving Tree

    This tree is a way for parents, volunteers, and community members to give a little help to Mrs. Curry's Kindergarten class.  These are items that we will be using in art, math, science, reading, and in everyday classroom activities.  They do not have to all be store bought, some of these items will be 'trash' or recyclable items from your homes.  The Giving Tree is also 'growing' in our classroom on the parent board, just grab a leaf.  We really appreciate you 'GIVING' to our class an item from our giving tree!  Thanks!
    Giving Tree
    Giving Tree Items:
    • fabric paints
    • ribbon
    • greeting card fronts
    • playdough utensils/tools
    • puppets
    • scrapbook papers
    • wooden dowels
    • maps
    • empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls