• Attendance

    Regular Attendance: It is the responsibility of the school to work with the parents and students when an attendance pattern begins to interfere with success at school.

    If a student has...
    • Five (5) or more consecutive days absent, parents must obtain a doctor's note and submit it to the school. 
    • Five (5) absences in a trimester: Teacher will contact parent about the absences, or a letter will be sent home alerting family of student absences.
    • Seven (7) absences (excused or unexcused) in a trimester: A letter will be sent home reminding family of the school's attendance policy, and that if student has 10 absences in a trimester, a meeting will be scheduled to discuss attendance concerns.
    • Ten (10) absences in a trimester: Mandatory parent meeting will be set up to develop a proactive attendance plan.
    • Fifteen (15) absences in the school year (in disregard to personal attendance plan if one has been created), an attendance meeting will be held with the family, teacher and principal. 
    If there are extenuating circumstances such as a prolonged or chronic illness, family emergency, or other unforeseen events that interrupts with your child's attendance, please contact your school's teacher so that we can work together to lessen the impact on your child's education.
    Family Vacations/Extended Absences: Families are reminded that Washington law requires compulsory attendance for students. We strongly encourage families to plan their vacations during non-school days such as summer vacation, spring break, winter break, etc. One family vacation a year of 5 days or less will be excused if : 1. the absence is prearranged with the child's teacher to help to minimize the effects of the absence; 2. the student has had 93 percent attendance or better up to the time of the vacation.
    Any vacation that causes a child to miss 6 to 10 days will only be excused if the teacher agrees that the child can handle the make-up work. Any extended absence over 10 days will not be excused without a note from a medical practitioner and will fall under the above guidelines. If you decide to be gone for more that 10 consecutive school days or take more than one family vacation beyond five days, you have the following options:
    1. Unenroll your child and register him/her as a home schooled student at the district office;
    2. Enroll your child in a school where you are going to visit;
    3. Take the absences as unexcused absences 
     Choosing option 3 may result in a petition being filed in the Pacific County Court to compel better attendance.
    You will find information about the "Becca Bill" and What to Do if Your Child Must Miss School by going to the links on the left.  Please visit LBE's Home page to learn more about our Attendance Incentive Programs.
Last Modified on November 23, 2021