• Reopening Update 9/16/20

    If you've been following the county website, you know that there have been several more COVID cases during the past two weeks. With that said, neither the Ocean Beach School District nor the Pacific County Health Department will view this recent increase as a trend unless our cases keep going up. Because of the 4 weeks of declining data prior to this most recent set of cases, the Ocean Beach School District will be working towards starting to bring students on campus in class groups starting on the 28th of September. Provided that there is not an additional spike in cases over the next week, the case numbers per 100,000 should put us in a position to start our return on the 28th. A lot more details will be coming over the next week. But get used to wearing those masks because we are going to try to get kids back into the school buildings!

    Ocean Beach School District Reopening Plan 8/18/20

    Due to increased COVID-19 infections in our community, we will begin the school year in remote learning. There are some key items that you should know about Continuous Learning 2.0 in our school district. 

    • Every student will get a Chromebook in a secure case to use for the year.
    • Daily attendance will be taken.
    • Unlike last spring where we were required by the state to offer a limited program, this year students can expect to participate in a full day of school. Not everything will be on the screen. Students will be asked to do offline activities as well.
    • Students will be assessed on their learning and will receive grades.
    • Every student will be assigned a teacher who is their "case manager." These teachers will reach out to schedule a conference with you during the first week of school (September 8-11). Parents can direct questions and concerns to this teacher, and if students are struggling or not attending, the case manager will be reaching out to you.
    • Help for low-income families to get internet is available. Please indicate that you need internet on your Learning Options form or reach out to the District Secretary, Barbara Puhl at 360-642-3739 to sign up. We do not have all of the details for this from the state, so we are taking names, in order to be prepared when we get the information.

    Our first potential week for in-person learning for the majority of students will be the week of September 21st. Whether or not we can bring students physically to school that week will be determined by September 16th and will be based on three weeks of declining data for the county and case numbers per 100,000 residents approaching 25 or less. A decision will be sent out via email, Facebook, website, and Remind when we know. If we cannot return on the 21st, a new target date will be established and posted.

    We all hope to be in school as much as possible, so mask up and physically distance, so we can knock those case numbers down!