Local Support Encouragement with picture of students and teacher in front of schoolhouse.
  • On February 11th, ballots are due for the Ocean Beach School District Replacement EP&O Levy and Replacement Technology Levy.

    These levies replace existing levies, and the tax rate for both levies is less than historical rates at an estimated $1.37 per thousand for the Replacement EP&O Levy and $0.30 per thousand for the Replacement Technology Levy. Local Funds represent approximately 23% of the funding for the Ocean Beach School District. Through local funds we support critical student services such as mental health support, nursing, special education, additional staff, and all extra curricular and athletic programs.

    If you'd like more information on how schools are funded and how levies and bonds are used to fund schools, you might watch this informative video regarding school financing and levies (Growing Education: What's the Difference Between a Levy and a Bond?) or go to the ESD 112 Bonds and Levies page, and remember "Bonds are for Building, and Levies are for Learning!"