• Highly Capable Program

    The Washington State Highly Capable Program (HCP) provides funding to school districts to institute educational opportunities that meet the unique academic needs of this student population. Programs for highly capable students are needed in order to challenge these students to meet their academic potential.
    Definition: From Washington Hi Cap (WAC 392-170-035)
    “Highly capable students are students who perform or show potential for performing at significantly advanced academic levels when compared with others of their age, experiences, or environments.  Outstanding abilities are seen within students' general intellectual aptitudes [and/or] specific academic abilities… within a specific domain.” These students in grades K-12 may need additional supports in order to maximize their educational experience. These additional supports shall be designed to primarily occur in the classroom.
    The district has a formal identification process using a variety of standardized assessment measures to determine eligibility of the student. Yearly referral occurs each fall, and a notice appears in the local paper, as well as school newsletters. Parents, community members, staff, or students may refer. Please return Nomination Forms to the school office or to the district office.
    Student referrals are screened for evaluation by a team of professionals that have knowledge of HCP student characteristics. This team is responsible for placement of students into the program. Each child has a Highly Capable student plan. These plans must address the academic talents of the student and provide appropriate educational opportunities. Questions about the Highly Capable program can be addressed to your child’s principal or to Amy Huntley, Highly Capable Program Coordinator.
    Text of  WAC 392-170