• Dave Tobin

    Welcome to OUR School!


    On behalf of our entire staff it is a great honor for me to welcome each of you to our Ilwaco High School Web Site and to the 2013-14 school year.  It is a privilege for all of our staff to work with each of you to consistently seek, and achieve, excellence in academics, activities, the arts, athletics, and in all that we do at IHS.


    I am confident that this 2013-14 school year will be outstanding and productive in every way and that, together, we will continue to make strides to further transform our school into one of Washington's premier learning communities.  Working with our staff, students, parents, and community to overcome challenges, pursue opportunities and explore possibilities is, truly, a thrill for me each and every day.  It is this opportunity to work with each of you to provide hope and promise for the future that causes me to say, "I can't wait" to get to school because every day is an opportunity for something good to happen.


    I am incredibly proud to serve each of you as your Principal; to be an Ilwaco Fisherman and to be a part of this great school.  I am proud to work with each of you (our amazing staff, wonderful students, fantastic parents, and fabulous community) to build a bright future for each of our students.  High standards and expectations; a positive, encouraging and supportive environment where excellence in teaching and learning are honored; great communication, and enthusiastically putting people first are among the many things that will set the tone for an extraordinary year. 


    We are excited to work with each of you to ensure that 2013-14 truly becomes Ilwaco's greatest year yet for all staff and students individually and collectively.  No exceptions, no excuses ... ready or not, the time is now and the best is yet to come for the IHS community.  Together, anything's possible, so let's work together to start a chain reaction of kindness, compassion, respect and achieving high standards throughout the IHS community.


    Education matters!  It is the key to unlocking the possibilities of the future for each and every one of our students.  Together, we (community members, parents, bus drivers, food service staff, maintenance and custodial workers, Para-educators, secretaries and office personnel, staff, and students) are all responsible to support a safe, respectful and inviting culture and quality classroom experiences as we deliver on the promise of a world class education for every student.  We hope that you are ready to join with us on this exciting, and life changing, journey!


    We warmly welcome each of you to become involved in every aspect of your student's education as our partner in pursuing excellence in culture, instruction, assessment, and outcomes.  We hope you will decide to join us in choosing to be positive, enthusiastic, involved, and respectful to all, as we strive to make great kids and a great school even greater and to spread Ilwaco Pride State Wide!  Together, we will assure an affirmative answer (individually and collectively) to the question, "Are you better today than you were yesterday?"

    Mutual support and our combined efforts will ensure that Ilwaco High School is a …

    Safe, Respectful and Inviting place

    Where we set high standards and celebrate our achievements,

    Where learning is challenging and engaging, and …

    Where we prepare students to live successful lives as stewards of their world.


    Your life is what you make it based on the attitude you choose so ... think and dream big, never give up, and always say, I CAN!

    THINK like a champion ... ACT like a champion ... BE a Champion ... TEACH and LEARN like a Champion everyday!
    Why not Here?  Why not now?  Why not us?  After all, WE are ... Ilwaco!
    David Tobin, Principal
Last Modified on November 4, 2013