• 2019 Safety and Security Levy

    Phase I - Fencing

    Phase II - Finalize Plans for Technology Upgrades & Complete Specifications for Bids from Contractors

    Phase III - School Resource Officer & Bids from Contractors

    Phase IV - Complete Single-Point Entry and Technology Upgrades


    11/23/19 Update

    Phase I of the safety and security project is now complete. The fencing has been finished - a big thank you to Bear Power Fencing for being so easy to work with and doing such a fabulous job!

    The portable is in place. Yes, we know it isn't very attractive. We will re-side it next summer and do some other things to beautify it and fix the parking. Thank you so much to the Ocean Park Chamber of Commerce and the Ocean Park Village Club for wanting to help us make it more attractive! Sorry this isn't happening as quickly as we had hoped.

    Phase II is very much in progress with technology research, specs and other work happening in anticipation of hiring contractors for work next summer. 

    Phase III is partially underway, as Long Beach Police department has hired new officers who are in training. When they come on-board, we will select and train one of them to be our first school resource officer (SRO). With the training program for the new officers, we hope to have our SRO in the schools in April. 

    Next summer will be very busy in our schools as we move forward on the single point entry and technology upgrades. The majority of the work should be completed in time for school to start next fall.


    8/9/19 Update

    As those who have driven by Ocean Park Elementary have seen, our new portable is here and is no longer in two halves. Our maintenance department is working on the ramps, flooring, and emergency exit doors. We hope to have it open by the first day, but we may not quite have it ready that soon. The building will house interventions and speech services this year, so we will be able to temporarily house those services in spaces in the building until it is ready. The building needs a new roof (we knew that it would), and our maintenance department will be working on that as well. The siding will be a little trickier, as the location of electrical and HVAC on the outside of the building necessitate a contractor with some time and equipment that we don't have. We will get that done as soon as possible, but please be patient with us as the local contractors with whom we can work are all extremely busy this year.

    Our maintenance department has also moved all of the furniture and boxes, is finishing the floors, and will get the rooms ready for teachers as soon as they possibly can. If you see Chris Patana or any of our maintenance and custodial staff around town, give them a big "thank you" because they have been working extremely hard to get everything done to get us ready.

    Bear Power Fencing is also begining their fencing work. The first priority is behind the high school as that work will cause a bit of noise that might disrupt classes. The fencing will be completed later this fall (some after school begins).

    Information about school times, buses, and class assignments will be out later in the month. Please go to my  Superintendent's Webpage for details about when and how that will be shared with parents.

    7/26/19 Update

    Bear Power Fencing has been awarded the bid to do the fencing for our four campuses. They will be beginning work in August and will likely be completed in October. We were fortunate to have a local contractor bid on our project. We love working with the local community when we can.

    The portable is being moved from Kalama School District to Ocean Park the last week in July. Taft Plumbing (another wonderful local contractor) has completed the site preparation for receiving the new modular. When it is in place, our maintenance crew will work on the siding, roofing, flooring, and ramps. The goal is for use by the start of the school year. Bear Power will also be adding the fencing to the new modular - hopefully in August. Updating the parking at Ocean Park will take a bit longer, but the site will be ready for driving through and parking on the gravel until the paving can be done.

    We have run into a small hiccup with the work for the single-point entry at the schools. All of the contractors are doing a booming business and are too busy to help us this year. We are working on final plans, drawings, etc. and plan to reach out for bids after the first of the year to be "in-line" for the work next summer. This is a good problem to have because it means our local contractors are doing well. We'd rather them have a lot of work because that benefits our families and our community. Erik Fagerland and Associates is doing the plans for the entries at Ocean Park and Long Beach and Eric Lanciault is doing the same for the high school and middle school entries. Eric Lanciault was the architect for the resurfacing at Ilwaco High School, so he knows our facilites well. Erik Fagerland is a local architect who has also worked with the district in the past. Most notably for our Early Childhood Center and for the enclosure of the entry area at Ilwaco High School.