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    At the Ocean Beach Alternative School (OBAS), we believe that all students can learn, but that some students may need flexibility of time, place, and/or pace in order to meet their full potential. As equal partners, each student, his or her parents, and teachers, work together to discover each student's learning styles, passions, goals, and areas of strength. Furthermore, we work together to develop a plan to address areas of individual concern. Each student has a personalized educational program that promotes optimum academic success. Students attain credits and meet standards through personalized pathways that seek to capitalize on student's future goals and interests.

  • A Heartfelt thanks to the parents and family that joined us for the OBAS Family Night! Keep a wary eye for future events!

    We have been learning the power of making mistakes and the value of collaboration. Trying new things builds Dendrites (brain connection), and we practice reinforces the paths that we want. We have been discovering that patterns are everywhere, and Math helps us see what might otherwise be hidden.

    We've begun our Social Studies segment on Greece and their mythology. We are exploring why human beings tend to ask "why?" and how that question may have shaped the Greek deities and myths. This week's packet may include updated Contracts and the SBAC scores (the required spring standarized testing).


    May the wind fill your sails. 



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  • Staff:

    Amy Huntley - Principal

    Marisa Taylor - Secretary

    Karyn Veland - Teacher

    Lianne Loo -  Advocate

    Elly Rosaire - Resource Coordinator


    Contact Information: 

    Physical Address:

    152 First Avenue North

    Ilwaco, WA 98624


    Mailing Address:

    PO Box 778

    Long Beach, WA 98631


    Phone: 360.642.1100

    Fax: 360.938.8783


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