• Why A High School Diploma is Important to your Future

    Posted by David Tobin on 12/11/2013





    It has long been known that more education means more earnings for American workers.  A new report from the federal government though shows just how stark the difference is among workers, depending on their level of education.  The survey reveals that, for every educational hurdle one crosses … annual earnings increase significantly.  In a report released this month by the Census Bureau, data show a strong correlation between education and earnings power




    Those holding bachelor’s degrees, for example, earned a median $42,783 annually.  That’s about double the yearly earnings of workers with only a high school diploma ($21,569).  But workers needn’t hold a bachelor’s degree to get a leg up.  A two-year associate’s degree or even just some college courses were instrumental in helping boost workers’ wages, according to the report.  Those with some college earned about 27 percent more than those with a high school diploma, while those holding associate’s degrees earned about 51 percent more. 




    Regardless of your post-secondary plans it all starts with your high school diploma.  Earning a high school diploma is an important step in your education and will enhance your employment opportunities throughout your life.  People who do not complete high school face difficult challenges locating jobs with decent wages.  A high school diploma will help you enjoy a more comfortable life and may even boost your self-esteem.




    Our world is changing, and in order to prepare our young people for the world of their future we must ensure they are educated and, as a result of this education, prepared for their future.  A high school education is more important today than ever and is, absolutely, the starting point for building the future every young person deserves.  Certainly this includes subject matter studies such as math and science, etc.  In addition, a high school education today includes important 21st century skills such as:



    o   Ability to collaborate and work successfully in teams



    o   Critical thinking skills



    o   Oral presentation skills



    o   Written communication skills



    o   Ability to use technology



    o   Willingness and ability to examine civic and global issues



    o   Ability to conduct research to learn about issues and concepts



    o   Chance to learn about new career opportunities … and adapt to change




    The following are some of the many reasons that a high school diploma is important to your future:



    ü  Employment Prospects:  Even entry level jobs today demand a high school diploma.  Having a high school diploma shows that you have the determination to finish something, and it is proof that you have, at least, basic skills.  These things are important to every employer.



    ü  Stiff Competition:  With the multitude of applicants applying for available jobs, it is very unlikely that a person without a high school diploma will even be considered for an available position.



    ü  Social Success:  People who graduate high school are better adjusted socially.  By contrast, high school dropouts are far more likely to end up in prison.  Dropouts represent 68 percent of the national prison population.



    ü  Build a Career:  There are some jobs you can find without a high school diploma, but most well-paying jobs today require, at a minimum, a high school diploma.  If you ever hope to build a career, a high school diploma is a must, and is the place to start.



    ü  A Gateway to College:  If you do not complete high school, you will not have the option of continuing your studies in college.  By earning your high school diploma and furthering your education with even some post-secondary training, you will make yourself available to accept in-demand jobs carrying higher salaries.



    ü  Higher salaries:  According to research, a high school dropout will earn approximately $300,000 less over a lifetime than a high school graduate. 



    ü  Job Security:  An individual that does not possess a high school diploma is more likely to be unemployed because he or she is not as marketable.  In fact, it is estimated that at least half of all welfare recipients do not possess a high school diploma.



    ü  Sense of Accomplishment:  Going to school day in and day out for 13 years is something to be proud of.  Graduates typically find themselves feeling accomplished after they complete high school and earning their diploma.  Many things in life can be taken away from you, your education, however, is something that can never be taken away, stolen, or revoked.



    Positive Role Model:  If you expect your younger siblings and, down the road, your children to stay in school and earn their diploma you might just have to eat your words and practice what you preach.  Be a good influence yourself!
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  • Welome and Thank you

    Posted by David Tobin on 11/11/2013
    Welcome to the IHS Principal's Blog and thank you for taking the time to visit our site. 
    We will do our best to use this blog for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to the following:
    • To keep you up to date with some of the many events and activities that have, will, and are taking place at Ilwaco High School.
    • To share a variety of thoughts and ideas regarding education, success, and achievement.
    • To increase and improve communication between school and home.
    • To extend the home, school and community partnership as part of our effort to prepare every single one of our students to live successful lives as stewards of their world.
    • To promote our school and community, students and staff, and the importance of education for our future

    We thought it appropriate to post the first entry for this blog on Veteran's Day.  As we pause to reflect on our thanks for the courage of the men and women who have served our country in the Armed Forces, it seems important to recognize that the many freedoms and opportunities we, in America, have today are gifts from the service of our Veterans.  

    In addition, I just wanted to take a moment in this first blog to say "Thank You!

    Thank you, of course, to our Veteran's ... Thank you for your service, your sacrifices, your courage, and for your belief in the principles upon which our nation has been built!
    Thank you parents and community ...  Thank you for visiting our blog; for your support; for your help; for your understanding and patience; and for all you do to promote the importance of education for your student, to encourage their involvement in the classroom, and in school activities, and to partner with us provide a world class education for your student and for every student; for helping us to ensure IHS remains strong and true on it's journey to be one of Washington's premier learning communities!

    Thank you students ... Thank you for a fabulous, and inspiring, Veteran's Day Assembly on Friday.  It was outstanding all around, from the planning, preparation, and performance as carried out by our Leadership students and Choir to the respect shown by every student in our audience for those on stage and for those Veteran's to whom we owe so much; for your belief in the importance of your education; and for your willingness to put forth the effort necessary to acquire the world class education available to you at IHS.

    Thank you staff ... Thank you for choosing education; for choosing Ilwaco; for putting students first; for your passion, dedication, commitment, and hard work; for having the courage to teach and, everyday, to put your best foot forward to ensure that every student leaves high school prepared to excel and to reach their potential and beyond in post-secondary education, work and citizenship.  Our students' futures are built on the foundation of their high school education.

    We will try to post regularly (hopefully once a week or so) in this blog.  In the meantime, if you would like to keep further up to date with activities and events taking place at IHS please see our Facebook page and/or send me your e-mail address so that I can add you to our list of parents and community members who receive our Week at a Glance.  You can reach me by e-mail at ...

    So, as we conclude this first blog post, thank you.  Thank you to so many who contribute so much to our school, community, state and nation.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to be your partner in providing for a world class education for every student at IHS.  together, we WILL get it done.  IHS is to special not to get it done.  Time is the only variable and failure is not an option.  We will get it done because of our character, courage, dedication, enthusiasm, hard work, perseverance, positive attitude, resilience, respect, tenacity, and because we understand that together, anything's possibleTHANK YOU!

    "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    David Tobin,



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