• Early Childhood Center (ECC)


    Ocean Beach School District's Early Childhood Center is located right next to Long Beach Elementary. It houses our Developmental Preschool and ECEAP programs. You can find informational resources for birth, through five year old children, and their families.
    There are a number of agencies that provide services for children  from birth, through pre-kindergarten, within South Pacific County.  Ocean Beach School District is the lead agency funded through the Department of Social and Health Services to provide early education services for children birth through 3 years old. This program, The Infant and Toddler Early Education Program (ITEIP), helps parents navigate the wide array of agencies that provide early education services for infants and toddlers within the community setting.  In addition, Ocean Beach School District provides direct services to children from birth through 5 years-old that have been identified with a developmental delay.
    There are several preschools in South Pacific County. Among them are Head Start and Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP).  Both of these agencies provide free preschool to children from low-income families.  In addition, there are several local private preschools that provide early educational experiences for children.  Also, Ocean Beach School District offers a Developmental Preschool for children with developmental delays who need more intensive programming.
    This site was developed in order to provide parents and/or guardians with young children, information about services that are available in our community.  


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Last Modified on February 8, 2019