• Developmental Preschool Program 

    The program is designed for three- and four- year old preschool children with more intensive, high impact, identified developmental delays, who require significant and specific service in cognitive, physical, communication or social/emotional domains; this also includes preschoolers with autism.  These students have delays that are significantly greater than those of students with delays or disabilities whose needs can be met in a fully inclusive setting.  As with all students eligible for special education, the child"s IEP is the driving factor in service delivery.
    The program includes many of the same daily elements as the ECEAP program next door, and also includes portions of the day when the ECEAP and Developmental program children spend time together in either learning circles, free-play, or motor activities. Time spent with typically developing peers is an important part of the day for each Developmental Preschool child's program

    For information about the Developmental Preschool, call or email: 
    Loretta Benenati, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher


Last Modified on February 9, 2017