• Child Development Concerns 

    Children grow and change rapidly during their first three years.  When your child smiles, sits up, walks, talks, or holds a cup, you are seeing how your child is growing through the different developmental stages.  If your child does have a developmental delay, there are things that can be done that may help.

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    Most of the time, a developmental problem is not something that your child "will grow out of" on his or her own, nor should parents "wait and see" as some medical professionals recommend. Research demonstrates that early identification is crucial - children identified as toddlers make larger, faster gains than those that are Child not identified until they start school.  In addition, children who need and receive early intervention are much more likely to be successful in school.
    Remember, screenings are free.  If your child does have a delay, this will be discussed with you as well as various options that are available for you and your child.

    You know your child best, do you have concerns?
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Last Modified on December 8, 2009