• Title I: Part C (Migrant Program)

    The Washington State Migrant Education Program (MEP), under the rules established by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act as reauthorized under No Child Left Behind (2001), is funded by a federal grant to establish or improve, directly or through sub-grants to local operating agencies, programs of education for migratory children.
    Ocean Beach School District Services to migrant children and their families may include:
    • Supplemental academic programs to assist in the achievement of state academic standards;
    • Instructional training;
    • Medical Physicals;
    • Family home visiting/ and academic counseling services;
    • Parental involvement; Parent Advisory Council (PAC)
    • Migrant student data and collection;
    • Student leadership opportunities;
    • Secondary credit accrual and exchange


    conevYtWashington conevYt Portal provides online classes from Mexico for bilingual parents wishing to pursue their diploma from Mexico, and for bilingual students to maintain progress in certain content area classes. This access is provided by Mexico at no cost to participating districts.
    ConevYt Access sessions are available at Ilwaco High School one weeknight per week for two hours to interested parents. Please contact Mario Roderiguez at 642-1100.