• Section 504

    Section 504 refers to section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  It is a civil rights law.  Specifically, it address that any entity (i.e. school district) receiving federal funding must ensure that it does not discriminate against individuals with disabilities.
    Section 504 is not about student's performance; it is about equal opportunity. Under the protection of section 504, the school district must ensure that a student has equal access to education, (i.e. that his/her disability does not keep him/her from being able to access education).

    If your student has a disability that you believe is impacting his/her ability to fully access educational opportunities, please contact you school principal or counselor.

    If you have questions about Section 504 in the Ocean Beach School District, please contact Liza Sejkora at 360-642-3739.