Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ocean Beach School District COVID-19 Frequently Asked Question:

    Q: Will my child go on to the next grade leve?

    A: Yes, all students will progress to the next grade level. Reasons to retain students are few, and COVID-19 is not a reason to retain students. Missing content will be embedded in the next year or two of school for your child.

    Q: How many hours of school should my child be doing at home right now?

     A: We all know that what we are doing right now is “emergency distance learning.” It is not true homeschool or true online school. The recommended time for students to engage in direct, concentrated studies each day is as follows:

                                  PreK – 30 minutes

                                  K-1 – 45 minutes

                                  2-3 – 60 minutes

                                  4-5 – 90 minutes

                                  6-8 – 20 minutes per class (2.5 hours max)

                                  9-12 – 30 minutes per class (3 hours max)

     Q: How can we get back items that my child left at school?

     A: We are clearing each building on a schedule. The high school students are clearing their lockers this week. Middle school will be next (you will hear from us when it is your turn). Ocean Park will then follow the middle school, and Long Beach will be last.

     Q: Will there be summer school?

     A: I don’t know yet. Likely the only summer school would be for high school credit recovery and would occur digitally. Other limited summer options may present themselves for specific students, but nothing is currently planned.

     Q: Are my children required to participate in distance learning?

     A: Essentially, yes, distance learning is required; however, our primary goal is to ensure that our students are safe and healthy. We know that this closure affects different families in different ways. We want to touch-base weekly with each child, and we want to help keep their learning moving forward, but we know that there will be different levels of participation based on family circumstances.

     Q: Is the school taking attendance?

     A: Yes. We are taking weekly attendance to help us know who is engaging with learning and who we need to connect with to get them engaged.

     Q: What is school going to look like next school year?

     A: We don’t know yet. We are planning for multiple scenarios based on what the experts are telling us. Obviously, our preference is to return all of you to your classrooms for full-time “normal” school, but we are also planning for socially distanced options and options where we are in “normal” school and then have interruptions like we are in now that we are prepared to tackle immediately.

     Q: Will food deliveries continue over the summer?

     A: Not in their current form. The waiver from the federal government that allows us to deliver food to you, to drop it with parents or siblings, and to provide more than one meal at a time ends on June 30th. One of our survey questions will be about your interest in continued summer feeding knowing that it will be at a fixed location that you have to go to and will only be one meal that has to be handed directly to the child receiving the meal.

    High School Only

     Q: If I am a senior and I don’t do anything the rest of the year, will I graduate?

     A: No. Your best outcome in this case would be to receive an Incomplete in each class, and to continue over the summer and in the fall to clear those incompletes.

     Q: If I am an underclassman and I don’t do anything the rest of the year, what happens?

     A: Your courses will be marked incomplete and you will have to finish them, in addition to any new courses, in order to earn the credits and eventually graduate. This is NOT a good option. Please participate!

     Q: If I find distance learning difficult, and I am worried about my GPA. Should I be worried?

     A: No. Two things are occurring. One is that we have strict guidance from the state regarding grading, and if you participate, we will help you maintain a strong GPA. Two, the state is adding a COVID-19 designator that will be on your transcript for courses this spring. This designator indicates that the grades from this term should not be considered for college admissions and scholarships.

     Q: I am doing well in most of my classes, but there is one that I just can’t seem to grasp in this format. What do I do?

     A: Contact your teacher and contact Mrs. Taylor. We can help in several ways.

     Q: Will there be an in-person graduation ceremony in June?

     A: Highly unlikely. We are planning for a digital ceremony and a socially distanced ceremony. Current indications show us that we likely won’t even be able to do a socially distanced ceremony in June, but we will keep hoping and planning for that. An in person event may be held later in the summer.