• Ilwaco High School STEM Lab Improvement Grants

    This project is generously funded by our local Ocean Beach Education Foundation and the Washington State Legislature. It will upgrade our current high school science rooms to be better laboratory facilities.

    The basic project includes the following:

    1) Removing the Aesbestos tiles from the 4 current science rooms and storage areas and converting the flooring to a polished concrete.

    2) Removing the partition wall that makes the two center classroom two very small rooms into one large laboratory.

    3) Modifying the current offices and storerooms to be more efficient and safe storage for modern laboratory uses.

    4) Upgrading plumbing, electrical, ventilation, and safety features for the three large laboratory classrooms.

    5) Hopefully adding a large sunroom along the wing for messy projects, environmental projects, and agricultural projects.

    The work will begin in summer 2020.