High Demand Jobs in Skilled Trades

  • Skilled workers are vital to our economy. Demand continues to grow for workers who possess job-specific skills in areas such as construction, manufacturing, transportation, and protective services. People who work in skilled and technical fields are found everywhere, in every community, and every walk of life. Skilled and technical workers support many industries and keep our factories producing and our goods and services accessible. These workers repair our cars, operate our communications networks, and build our nation's infrastructure.

    SkillsUSA is the student leadership organization for Skilled and Technical Sciences. SkillsUSA offers experiences for students in leadership, teamwork, citizenship, and character development. The organization promotes high ethical standards, pride in a job well done, and builds and reinforces self-confidence.

    Courses in the skilled and technical sciences prepare students for entry-level employment and set them up for success in continuing education endeavors.

Last Modified on May 10, 2017