About Us

    At the Ocean Beach Alternative School (OBAS), we believe that all students can learn, but that some students may need flexibility of time, place, and/or pace in order to meet their full potential. As equal partners, each student, his or her parents, and teachers, work together to discover each student's learning styles, passions, goals, and areas of strength. Furthermore, we work together to develop a plan to address areas of individual concern. Each student has a personalized educational program that promotes optimum academic success. Students attain credits and meet standards through personalized pathways that seek to capitalize on student's future goals and interests.

    Students interested in attending the Ocean Beach Alternative School would start by completing the "OBAS Application." (See link below) Students are then interviewed to see if OBAS is a good fit for the learning needs of the student. 

    Please see the Parent Resources & Forms tab for further information.


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