Mr. Mark Westley

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Mr. Mark Westley

A Message from the Principal:

Welcome!!!  We have much to be proud of at Hilltop and I look forward to my first year of leading the Hilltop community.  The success of our students is built on the partnership we have with our families and the community.  We will continue to strive to be the type of school that our families can be proud to send their children to.  Our entire staff works very hard to create a positive environment where every person’s unique strengths and talents are celebrated. 

We have a culture of high expectations for students and staff alike and it is our sincere goal that each and every one of our students develops the skills necessary to be successful in anything they do.  The combination of focusing on our students’ academic success as well as their social and emotional well-being creates an environment for our students to do amazing things every day.
          This year we will focus on the importance of having a growth mindset and fostering tenacity and resiliency in our students as they continue to work at what challenges them, whether that is a mathematical concept or musical concept.  We are tremendously proud of our students and their previous accomplishments in the arts, academics, and athletics.  Our goal is to help everyone take the next big step forward.
          Our staff has placed a school-wide emphasis on reinforcing common behavior expectations. We call this set of behavior expectations HILLTOP R.O.C.K.S.  We ask the students to follow the Hilltop R.O.C.K.S. traits: Be Respectful, Be Orderly, Be Cooperative, Be Kind, and Be Safe.  We will explicitly teach and model for our students what those behaviors “look like” in the specific settings of our school.  Also, we have embedded a culture of positive reinforcement into our “Pride System” to which we will introduce to our students this year—when they exhibit desired behaviors, we intermittently reinforce that behavior with rewards.  The desired result is for a very positive school environment.  

If you have any concerns about how your student is doing here at school, I invite you to contact our teachers, our counseling office, or my office so we can work together to determine the best steps for ensuring your son or daughter’s success.

The success of our students as a whole this year will be exciting to see—I want to thank you for sending us students who are open to learning and willing to work with our staff to make this a wonderful school year!



Mark Westley, Principal

Hilltop School