Mike Robinson
    Michael Robinson
    (360) 244-0619 
    I was born and raised in Longview. When I was just six weeks old, I made my first trip to Long Beach. My family stayed at Dream by the Sea Cottages and I slept in a smelt box. I graduated from R.A. Long High School, received an A.A. at Lower Columbia College, and graduated from the University of Washington.

    My teaching career started in Bend, Oregon. After that, I taught four years in the Seattle Public Schools and twenty-six years here in Ocean Beach School District schools, retiring in 2014.

    My goal as a school board member is to work towards consensus after exploring differing options. In other words, my plan is to help build trust and mutual respect. Frequent communication is key so that there are no surprises. I will adhere to the specific roles of the board, the superintendent, the administration, and the educators. A goal is to continue my professional learning and to support the superintendent’s growth and high standards.

     As a representative of the community, I will listen attentively to people’s ideas while not acting alone. An idea that I would like to help make happen is to include two student representatives on the school board.

    Ultimate goals include managing the budget, evaluating the superintendent, and especially to enact policies that include community values and state learning goals for optimum student learning. 




Last Modified on January 24, 2018