• Educational Technology



     The Ocean Beach School District provides 21st Century teaching and learning through the use of technology and mobile devices by providing teachers and every student, K-12, 1:1 access to Chromebooks.  Our department’s mission is to provice educational technology to our educators as an innovative way for them to design, deliver, facilitate, and manage instruction for learners of all ages. This is done by providing the resources necessary to integrate technology and create technology-enhanced student-centered learning environments to improve instruction, collaboration, and student engagement.  Chromebooks were chosen as our main student mobile technology as the best way to provide full access to Educational Technology hardware for every student while living within our Technology Budget.   


    • Our school district recognizes that technology is vital to prepare students for lifelong learning and workforce readiness. We will:

      • Integrate curriculum and technology to inspire a collaborative learning community that can effectively find, evaluate, use, and create content.
      • Identify and utilize existing, emerging, and cost-efficient technologies that enhance learning.
      • Promote the safe and ethical use of technology.
      • Ensure equitable access to technology.
      • Provide professional development and technologies necessary to deliver the curriculum, to communicate, and to access, manage, and evaluate student related information.

    2016-2020 Educational Technology Goals

    • To enhance classroom instruction with the use of mobile technology.
    • To provide every homeroom class with a full cart of Chromebooks, grades K-12. 
    • To support changes in the pedagogy of the classroom to improve instruction through the use of Educational Technology
    • To provide equity of access to technology.