Ocean Beach School District

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Welcome to Ilwaco High...Home of the Fishermen! 
For: January 16th-22th, 2017
 ok IHS is now offering tutoring in the library from 3:30-6:00 PM every Tuesday and Thursday! Please feel free to stop in should you need some help with your classes.  
Tuesday, Jan 17: GBB vs. Willapa Valley (5:45/7:00)
WR @ Rainier (Mix "n" match @5:00 PM) 
 Thursday, Jan. 19: BBB @ Willapa Valley (5:45/7:00PM)
Friday Jan. 20: GBB vs. Raymond (Varsity 7:00 PM) 
Saturday, Jan. 21: BBB vs. Raymond 7:00 PM
WR @ Dream Duals/East Valley, Spokane (10:00 AM)
WR @ Willapa Valley Invite @ Raymond (10:00) 
Gear Up Family Event #3: College Application Help & Scholarship Info. is scheduled for Wednesday January 18th from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Food will be provided. 
Saturday, Jan 21st: SAT @ IHS 8AM
IHS Fire Attire is a FREE clothing shop for all IHS students, 9-12th grades! The shop is open daily for students as needed to select clothing. Please see Ms. Taylor for an appt.
 Donations are greatly appreciated and continually needed to support this amazing program.
***Please keep in mind that these are high school students and some clothing, such as see-through or extremely short skirts/shorts cannot be used.
Much needed items: Winter Coats and Clothing
Sizes appropriate: xs-adult xl.  
Socks (various sizes) boys and girls,
toiletries, and hangers if you've got any extra! 
***All donated items may be dropped off at the IHS office or at All Seasons in Chinook.*** 


Our top priority is to ensure the safety of all students. In the event of a power outage at one or more of our schools, the district will communicate directly with the PUD to determine the source of the outage and the estimated time until power will be restored. That information isn’t always immediately available, which can make it difficult to decide whether to wait or send students home. That being said, if we determine that it will be longer than one hour before power will be restored, please know that we will be sending students home. We are not able to keep the buildings warm enough or provide enough lighting for it to be safe to keep students beyond an hour. This information will be posted on our district website as soon as a decision is made, along with district Facebook pages and Flash Alert. Our buildings will also do their best to post the information, but many times they won’t have access to phones or internet during a power outage.

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