Ocean Beach School District

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Ocean Beach School District

Board of Director’s Goals


Goal 1: Early Learning

All students will have access to one year of Pre-Kindergarten.


Goal 2: K-3 Reading

All students will be reading at grade level by the end of 3rd grade or their developmentally appropriate level if on an individualized education plan.


Goal 3: 3-8 Math

By the end of the 8th grade, all students will be Algebra ready or at their developmentally appropriate math level if on an individualized education plan.

Goal 4: 9-12 Career and College Ready

All students will be on a designated pathway, course selection be aligned to their pathway and they will graduate on time.


Goal 5: Pre-Kindergarten – 12 Social and Emotional

All students’ social and emotional needs will be met through mental health partnerships, outreach, counseling, clubs, athletics, and activities.  


Goal 6: Facilities

Our schools and grounds will be well maintained and be safe environments for our students.


Goal 7: Recruit and Retain Quality Employees

The district will ensure a focused approach to recruiting and retaining the best candidates for our positions



The Ocean Beach School District is a safe, respectful and inviting place where we; set high standards and celebrate our achievements, prepare students to lead successful lives as stewards of their world and where learning is challenging and engaging.


Last Modified on September 14, 2016